Create an info system along with the technology of interactive visualization of 3d objects by way of augmented reality in current in true scale pertaining to mass mobile devices. The last 10 years has been noted not only by widespread adding of the idea of the Virtual data space but as well by the development of such areas as the commercial Internet of Things, medical networks, the Tactile Net, the Internet in the nano-things, as well as the Internet of skills, which includes led to the creation of the new course of sites, namely, going sensor systems, ultra-dense sites, highly dependable networks with ultra-low delays, work is underway to develop fifth-generation conversation networks

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Since augmented truth unites the virtual and real planets, it must set up information that is to be perceived by one of the bodily organs. The devices are based on the ability of a person to see and hear, yet , recently you will discover more and more systems that depend on tactile feelings. Therefore , all of us single out the examples below Data rooms systems by the type of information display:

  • Video or graphic systems. A person obtains most of the facts with the help of the visual organs, therefore , systems capable of visualizing info are the most popular and in require. Such devices are based on the perception of varied images by organs of vision. The augmented simple fact application changes information to a picture formatting and expands it towards the user based on his passions. The image allows you to quickly and accurately convey information to the end user; it is a visual and useful way of interaction.
  • Audio devices. However , not at all times a person can give full attention to watching a. In a situation where his video or graphic attention should be focused on some other object, for instance , when generating on the road, audio tracks systems are being used.
  • Due to these actions, a list of potential suppliers is, which is constantly updated and supplemented to Virtual info room. Strategies have been developed to increase the realism when rendering three-dimensional objects employing augmented certainty, which is distinguished by the use of combining static and dynamic lighting with initial visualization of any independent shading texture and a static falling shadow of objects.

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Further, large-scale and promising development of communication networks is seen ın the direction of augmented certainty. The main purpose of augmented truth services is to enhance the wearer’s experience of familiar things. The duties of VDR will not include making a new world, yet working with actual objects, and improving the existing environment by simply strengthening such user sensations as hearing, sight, smell, knowledge, etc . Thus, the key idea of ​​augmented reality is to overlay text, graphics, music, video, physical data, and sensations on the side existing objects of the associated with world in real-time. Therefore , a distinctive feature of augmented reality is the combination of proper and online objects in a single space, which is often called the newest concept of “mixed” reality, which is understood as three-dimensional belief of objects and the existence of interactivity, which leads to high requirements for the transmission wait over the connection network. In modern applying augmented certainty, several significant classes of applications of the technology can be distinguished. Research novelty and defended provisions lie inside the creation of information program with the technology of interactive visualization of virtual three-dimensional objects within a real environment by means of Virtual data room, which is distinguished by the portrayal of items in true size and in real-time designed for mass mobile devices


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