Tropical Coolant Fast Cool

Tropical Coolant Fast Cool

Auto Life ”Tropical CoolantTriple action long life radiator coolant prepared from selected ingredients to meet the highest Japanese standard and is free from Amines, Borates, Nitrates and Silicates…

Auto life Tropical coolant is formulated with the best eco friendly Japanese Organic acid additive technology. This product gives excellent overheating protection; all-around corrosion protection; compatible with all parts & non-foaming.


Auto Life” Tropical Coolant is recommended for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, heavy vehicles and heavy earth moving equipment as a radiator coolant. For desired performance 20 parts of the fluid is to be diluted with 80 parts of distilled water in most of the vehicles.12.5 parts of the fluid is to be diluted with87.5 parts of distilled water for lighter applications




  • Does not boil and vaporise in the hottest summer
  • Prevents corrosion of radiator coolant and other parts.
  • Increases cooling efficiency.
  • Reduces maintenance costs and increases radiator life.


Ø PERFORMANCE STANDARD( For Original Concentrate )

  • JIS K 2234 specification.
  • IS : 5759-2006


S No. Test Typical Result
1 Appearance
 Clear Homogeneous green liquid
2 ERBP 103  ⁰C Min
3 Freezing Point actual -11⁰C Min
4 Specific Gravity @ 20°C 1.030 Min
5 pH  8.35
6 Foaming Property in 50% dilution 1


  • Red , yellow , blue coolants are also available