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Autolifelub is ISO 9001:2015 certified company which belongs to SWASTIK GROUP of companies Which has diversified interests in Petrochemical,Lubricants, Brake Fluids, Real Estate etc.

Autolifelub Primarily the lubricants manufacturing unit of the swastik group which does Toll blending and also markets Engine oils, Gear oils, Industrial oils, Speciality oils and Greases under its three brand name Swastik, Auto Life and Mech Life along with the Indian defence specific products such as D.A.F.C. coolants as well as LG 10/90 a fluid special developed for the Indian Army. Having Manufacturing capacities for Lubricants and Greases of more than 25000 Ton/annum Lubricants and Greases of more than 25000 Ton/ annum.

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Auto Life ” Brake Fluid DOT -3 is a heavy duty hydraulic brake fluid which ensures long service life of the brake fluid and components of brake mechanism. It remains clear and uniform fluid under extreme cold climatic conditions, enabling satisfactory operation of brake systems. It also lubricates the moving parts of the brake system very effectively..


Auto Life”Brake Fluid DOT 3  is designed for use in modem brake system of automotive vehicles operating in heavy duty conditions The higher boiling point of this product provided greater safety factor while driving at high speed with heavy load or in hilly areas where frequent braking generates higher temperatures in the brake system.

Auto Life Brake Fluid DOT 3 Plus is recommended for various hydraulic brake systems including disc type.

Auto Life ”Tropical CoolantTriple action long life radiator coolant prepared from selected ingredients to meet the highest Japanese standard and is free from Amines, Borates, Nitrates and Silicates…

Auto life Tropical coolant is formulated with the best eco friendly Japanese Organic acid additive technology. This product gives excellent overheating protection; all-around corrosion protection; compatible with all parts & non-foaming.


Auto Life” Tropical Coolant is recommended for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, heavy vehicles and heavy earth moving equipment as a radiator coolant. For desired performance 20 parts of the fluid is to be diluted with 80 parts of distilled water in most of the vehicles.12.5 parts of the fluid is to be diluted with87.5 parts of distilled water for lighter applications