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These greases are lithium base greases having extreme pressure (EP) properties. These greases posses excellent shear stability, high load carrying capacity, high oxidation stability & anti rust / anti corrosion properties. These greases prevent welding & seizure of moving parts often caused by shock loading & resist water washout. EP greases meet IPSS:1-09-005 specification are recommended for both plain & anti friction bearings in a wide variety of applications such as automotive, earth moving equipments, gear couplings, electric motors, mining equipments, & general industrial machinery. It meets IS: 7623- (Second Revision)

These are lime based multipurpose grease. MPSP possesses excellent water resistant, anti rust & anti corrosive properties. They are recommended for general application & plain & anti friction bearing where
temperatures are moderate. (Below 70 °C). This grease acts as protective layer on exposed parts. This grease is recommended for general chassis lubrication including suspension & steering system. It is also
suitable for certain open & semi enclosed gears as well as chain drives of farm equipments.

These are lithium soap multipurpose greases. They have excellent water resistance properties, high oxidation stability, and maximum structural stability with superior anit-rust & anti-corrosion properties. These greases resist water washout & enjoy all round acceptance for both anti-friction & plain bearing lubrication. Multipurpose greases 2 & 3 meet the requirements of British Timken ALG 1/57, IS:7623- (second revision), IPSS:1-09-006 specification & U.,S. Steel 374 requirements. These greases are widely used in steel plants,heavy engineering units, textile mills, petrochemical & chemical units, etc. These greases are recommended for all class of service in automotive lubrication & bearings.